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Personal integrity - what is it? (part two).

When there isn't a word for something that's real then you know we've got a problem. The opposite of integrity is disintegrity, logically, but if you Google it there are fewer than 5,000 hits and a lot of those are not related to personal integrity at all making the situation even clearer - we use the word in a non human context but never, or extremely rarely, in the human context.

In fact if you do an advanced search for disintegrity that excludes references to ecology, cardiac, ecologically then there are under 700.

Curiously if you then add 'social' to the excluded words then it goes back up again (to nearly 3,000)

If you look at even the first set of results and ignore the non human meaning then you will spot this one: The only blog in the world that least benefitted from using WordPress! And, well, the only other blog in the world to use the word disintegrity! How many will it be by the other end of the century, I muse. But just cos I link to it doesn't mean I agree, much. which distracts me because I find it very interesting and just too much to go into here... (*1)

Also there is another quicky (this may no longer work, sorry if it's doesn't) Disintegrity. Is it in the dictionary?

We say "disintregated" but never in the human sense and we never use the word disintegrity in the human sense or if we do it is rare. And, despite that, the word is there, in the dictionary (see link above) but it's so disused it is redundant more or less despite the fact it is the very word we all should be using especially since 9/11 and 7/7.

I once looked up the word philology (because I had a friend Phil) only to find I couldn't use it because it was a retired word from the past. But then shortly after that I kept hearing it on the radio and even on the television where big words are not allowed. I kid you not.

So use it. Defy the rules. Disintegrity. Let people know what the right word is for these people who are bent on destroying the world and are busily contaminating it and wrecking it.

Disintegrity is now more than ever the key word for people in authority, in power, senior members especially of government, police and the like.

Men, such men especially, like to pose as brave and the truth, that they are mostly cowards is a truth that awaits their re-integration. Disintegrity is a morally and mentally feeble solution to facing a problem, a failure to face the truth and reality, a cowardly act.

We don't lose our integrity - we destroy it, we disintegrate our own self, our own minds, our own thinking, by choice, as the easy way out of a dilemma.

I am aware of special, extreme cases, that are different; they are beyond the scope of this article.

Part three (of four parts)

By Paul E. Coughlin
2 June 2008

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