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An Email Exchange (at the beginning of March 2007. Latest addition 8th March 2007)

The sequence is top down which means the first email is at the top and the final email is at the bottom.

Hello G,

I note your advert and offer (...), very generous and I am sure it is a cause worth fighting for but I am contacting you to ask if you have much interest as a result of your advert, how many people ask for it each month?

And I ask this to try and guage how worthwhile it would be to focus any attention with my own global concerns that hit me suddenly during January as I looked into the whole 9-11 atrocity and peripherally the 7-7 one too and having come to the certain conclusion, from being hitherto accepting of The Story, the official line as it were, to completely and utterly convinced beyond all shadow of doubt that it was all an Inside Job and even discovering that 7-7 was just the same. That of itself is just one part of the nightmare unfolding because the widen meaning is even more terrifying - for each of us.

I suspect you may also be aware of what has actually happened but, as I say, I was oblivious before January this year so I can hardly criticise anyone if they are still of that view.

******s always seem like the most genuine and right minded kinds of people and that is why I have taken a couple of days to look into the possibilities of somehow working on this together.

Whether you are inclined to agree or disagree I will appreciate it if you are able to email your views on this subject and any suggestions for useful action.


Paul E. Coughlin

Dear Paul

Whilst being concerned about the environment, and being aware of a great deal of spin and double spin in world politics, I am not a believer in the 9-11 conspiracy theories.



Dear G,

Thanks for your reply.

It never hurts to check our assumptions from time to time.  In fact right now there is a pressing need to do so upon each of us who prefers to think for him or herself about what is really true and what is not true at all.

Afghanistan and Iraq may not be enough but Iran will surely follow - none have any genuine reason for being subjected to such evil atrocities.  Never mind the consequences for the planet itself.

Each of us needs to have a little re-think about which of the conspiracy theories is true, the one we have all been skilfully fed or the one that arises because of any of the Reasons To Be Suspicious of the official conspriracy theory (that IS what it is) - and bear in mind no proof for it has been given and the evidence for it, again, has glaring Reasons To Be Suspicious of it.

The truth is not that you don't believe any 911 conspiracy theories.  The truth is that you believe the official story line which is the most absurd of all the 911 conspiracy theories.  The only one we should believe is the one that seems to be, on the basis of the evidence, true. 

If, as you imply, you are aware of being manipulated by 'spin' then doesn't that mean you should be on the lookout for conflicting information that comes your way?

Finally, I suggest  that you not say "Regards" to me if you have no intention of considering anything I have said so far and suggest you close with a more honest and truthful term such as "disregards"


Paul E. Coughlin

Dear Paul

Is it not possible to respect and have regard for an individual as another human being without having regard for one particular message they are communicating?


Dear G,

That's not really a question so much as a statement but misrepresented as if you have some interest in what I might think but you have already confirmed that you disregard even my most important thoughts.  So my answer is inconsequential and  I am sure your own answer would be more useful to you.

But, you opened the door to me inadvertantly no doubt, to offer you an answer on a far more important question.

I would wish to go direct to the point about 911 being an inside job but I have to deal with the "Let us not tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories" instead don't I?

So here is my answer to your unasked but very important question: 

When explanations for atrocities are seriously flawed, dishonest and inadequate then right minded people are not satisfied and they go out of their way to seek answers and don't stop until they get them.

When they begin to find those answers then they almost certainly have some good Reasons To Be Suspicious (RTBS).

These are bound to lead to a list of suppositions and posited explanations. In the case of 911 it leads to a lot of incriminating evidence.

That is the beginnings of any conspiracy theory and in the case of 911, grounds for multiple simultaneous criminal investigations and charges.  

So when you say you don't believe in conspiracy theories you are saying that you don't want to know about evidence of crimes and passing it off as if only nut cases, the only people no one has any serious regard for, would entertain such ideas, such evidence, such RTBSs and in this case, such proof.

You dismissed me as a person because you have no interest in anything I might have to say to you about 9-11. You show no interest in my own list of RTBSs and the explanation I would like to offer you which you dismiss as a conspiracy theory on nothing more that my assertion that "911 was an inside job".

It is the most outrageous conspiracy theory -- and far worse, it is the most unbelieveable, the most incredible, the most frightening and terrifying and it is all working to plan very nicely and just about unhindered. 

An absolutely huge amount of evidence shows it clearly.  The truth and the proof is freely available but, like yourself, not enough people are interested to find out.

Do you see what a clever thing it was for the US president to give that simple order to the public and how you have accepted it unquestioningly. The intelligence behind it all is not lacking, nor is the military might.  But conscience, sanity or even fair mindedness and old fashioned basic rules, standards and principles have all been disregarded, permanently.

I had hoped in approaching any xxxxxx that they would not have had the wool pulled over their eyes so easily as most other people.



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