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Being Anti Religions For God Reasons

Religions - as opposed to religion itself which may not be quite the same thing - tend, it seems obvious to me, to be nasty systems. Look at them like a political or other power system for a change because that is what they really are - and God isn't really of much concern other than as a thing to stick in their 'shop window' which it has to be said has until fairly recently been used very largely to strike fear into people in order to get them to submit to what the leaders of the religions dictate which is totally against basic spiritual principles which are all about curiosity, enquiry and learning about reality and having a sense of wonder towards life in general as a result. I mean, those of us who are more grown up can see quite clearly that they don't have any effect that makes a person more God loving or more spiritual at all but quite the opposite and in the process function to blind all those they influence rather than to open their eyes. So, for me, I am disappointed that the only objections to religions are by people who don't want to believe that God exists or, perhaps more importantly, that the

By Paul E. Coughlin
13 August 2008

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